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Both my parents were serious part-time painters. I grew up with walls filled with paintings of wild animals, turbulent waves, calm farm scenes, striking trees, and handsome portraits. With a hint of rebellion, however, I decided not to dabble in art while they were alive. Instead, I applied my creative expression to speaking, teaching, and writing, including a workshop on creative thinking strategies I taught across the country. My book, Problem Solving and Creative Thinking Strategies, was born out of that effort and my study of the ways people tap their imagination.

Once my folks were gone and I was retired from the world of psychology, I studied and created art with energy and enthusiasm. Aside from a range of basic and advanced art courses and workshops, I have received valuable instruction from such notable artists as Eric Wiegardt, Don Andrews, Tom Lynch, Don Getz, Donna Watson, Jan Kunz, Gary Greene, Butch Krieger, Ralph Perry, Carla O'Connor, Paul Jackson, Stan Miller, John Salminen, Gerald Brommer, DeAnne Lemley, Bonnie Zahn Griffith, and Frank Webb. Now charcoal and graphite, clay and bronze, acrylic and watercolor are fascinating playthings to be mastered. As a result of playful focus and study, a growing number of my paintings have been accepted into juried art shows.

I am tantalized by how....

The eye and brain can be entertained by the placement of shape and color in a painting.

Artists have to be magicians, creating illusions with shading and form to get viewers to think they are seeing ancient ruins, a sand dune at dusk, or an abstraction with movement and color.

Problems have to be solved to wrestle an image into a piece of art that can excite, entertain, or soothe.

Because my love of travel takes me to many places around the globe, I often use watercolor. A sketch book, a few brushes, and a small container of watercolors allow me to capture scenes easily. Back in my studio, I can turn a quick, small painting into a larger one.

I like to entertain and to attempt the unusual. So I use colors and shapes that appeal to me, even though they may not fully match a scene or photo. If some doodles can become a fascinating abstract design, I enjoy that. If I paint just a small portion of the gears of a very old sugar mill, that viewpoint can elicit an “ah ha”. If I can create drama from the way or what I paint, I’ve provided some “ahh!” and that satisfies me.

John Fabian



Chris Walling has been the designer and guru for the development of this website. Besides graphic design services, Chris is an artist and watercolor instructor who has provided me with insightful watercolor guidance and critique over the years.

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